Solace Counseling

A place to bring you back into wholeness. Welcome. We are glad you're here. 


BeginNing therapy is a courageous act. finding a therapist that you connect with is the most important task of all.

We take the therapeutic relationship seriously and honor our alliances with our clients. We treat the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. We find that addressing one's thoughts, behaviors, and unconscious beliefs is essential in treating anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and issues around sexual health / well being.

We SPECIALIZE in anxiety, depression, sexual health, and trauma.

Anxiety and Depression keeps us from living in the present.  This takes away your ability to truly enjoy life and embrace your human experience.  Sexual health includes: low libido, mismatched desire, issues of gender or sexual orientation, and erectile dysfunction. Trauma is any experience that had a negative impact on you and can sometimes make you feel as though your past is your present.