Therapy Services to Navigate Life Transitions

for children, teens, college students, adults, couples and families


Transitioning into adulthood can be a scary experience for both young adults and their parents: adjusting to life away from home, managing academic demands, navigating peer conflicts and relationship issues. We will help ease your fears and anxieties around launching into this new world.


It is okay to feel lost and not know who you are. We work with people who spend much of their energy pleasing others , and losing themselves in the process.  Society puts unrealistic expectations on us as it relates to weight, body shape, and what is deemed attractive. We will help you explore all the reasons why you are enough.


When the world around you is less than supportive, we'll validate your experiences and offer you a safe space to connect and realign with your authentic self. 



Almost everyone we work with has endured some form of trauma or has experienced unfavorable life events. All of our therapists are trained in techniques that are specific to working with trauma. 



We offer a safe space to have an open and honest conversation around sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, and healthy relationships. We also work with couples who may be experiencing sexual difficulties due to aging, conflict, or mismatched libido. Individual struggles may include pain with intercourse, low libido, and vaginal dryness.



Becoming a parent can be a challenging time, especially if you’re surprised by unexpected feelings of postpartum depression or anxiety. It can impact your mood, functioning, relationships, and ability to bond with your child.  We will hold space for you to express your feelings free of judgment.



Acu-detox is an acupuncture technique developed by NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) that utilizes 5 points in the ear that correspond with 5 different areas of the body.  The Sympathetic System which regulates your fight or flight response, the Shen Men (the Chinese refer to this as our Spirit Gate), liver, lungs, and kidneys.  We use sterile small gauge needles that are placed on these points in the ear, and then left in for 30-45 minutes.  The protocol is used to reduce anxiety, assist in reducing the cravings for substance use, and decrease severity of withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off of a substance. Additionally, clients report better sleep and a reduction in their stress response following acu-detox.



Couples Counseling is a unique therapeutic experience with the goal of helping each partner to safely express their concerns for themselves and the relationship. The relationship becomes the third client in the counseling session.  Issues of frustrated attachment, mistrust, fear of engaging a partner, traumatic experiences (past or present), and issues of intimacy are some of the difficulties often addressed. To be effective, couples counseling sometimes necessitates sessions with each individual as well as joint sessions as needed and depending on each couples unique circumstances. Clients define their goals and direction. Sometimes the goal is to resolve issues that will maintain a relationship and sometimes the goal is to separate with the least amount of pain and grief. My intent is to help each partner know they are held in the highest regard as a person while helping to navigate difficult and stormy conditions.



Children are under enormous amounts of stress with school, extra curricular schedules, teacher and parent expectations.  They are more more plugged in to electronic devices than ever before which for some is negatively impacting their ability to self regulate through difficult situations, as well as leaving them feeling alone, isolated, and anxious.  Those play dates of long ago are now happening through headsets and video games. Some children are also dealing with divorce, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety/depression, and the challenges that come with growing up. While all these things can be difficult for children, they are also hard on the family system.  We can help you navigate these difficult times and provide the support that you and your child / family need.